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Advanced technology for the
widest range of applications

Our range of presses enables us to carry out processes that only leading-edge technology is capable of achieving.


The smallest fully hydraulic injection moulding machine is the result of experience matured in thousands of applications in the medical, electronic and micro-mechanical sectors and years of research and development in the field of MICROINJECTION of thermoplastic materials, MIM (Metal Injection Moulding), CIM (Ceramic Injection Moulding), LSR (Silicone), Rubber (NBR), Macromelt Holtmelts and waxes.

ARBURG 270/C40

ALLROUNDER CUBE injection moulding machines are precisely adapted to cube moulds. Their servo-electric toggle-type clamping unit allows for high-speed cycles with reduced energy requirements - the ideal basis for efficient high-volume production at reduced unit costs.

VICTORY 1560/260

The victory is the ideal basic machine for many different applications and a wide range of technologies, because with no tie-bars, it offers advantages in precisely those areas many would never think of. Its excellent platen parallelism provides particularly even distribution of the clamping force and the best possible protection for the mould.

DUO 3660/500

ENGEL has restructured the sizes of the units and optimised their performance data, such as injection pressure, injection speed and plasticising capacity, for current and future requirements. As a result it will be possible from now on to accommodate the individual wishes of users more specifically when designing the machine. All in all, the new units enable more precise injection and higher process stability.

DUO 5160/900WP

The new units enable more precise injection and higher process stability. The temperature control range was enlarged in the barrel to safely rule out clumping within the feed through and absorption of moisture across a wider range of materials. The main contributor to better controllability of the pressures is the revised piston design.